Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Jeffrey Steingarten likes chocolate mice

Jeffrey Steingarten writes about food in Vogue. He knows more, and is
capable of learning more about most things than anyone might think
possible. His most famous book is a collection called The Man Who Ate
Everything. In the February issue of Vogue he says that the best
chocolate bonbons are made by L.A. Burdick. In fact he specifically
says that they are better than the ones made by the much more famous
and much more expensive Maison du Chocolate in Manhattan. Burdick's is
located in Walpole, N.H. and on Brattle Street. I still think that
their various hot chocolates are excessive. But this is a great

Boston is suddenly full of good chocolate places. Every Thursday night
at Mariposa Bakery in Central Square, Taza Chocolate has a chocolate
cafe. The hours are from 730PM to 1130PM. Mariposa is at 424 Mass.
Ave. next to Economy Hardware. Taza also has a handsome website

Some people say that the best chocolates are at Gary's, in Watertown.
Gary's is at 1076 Belmont St. and Watertown is full of unlikely sources
of great food.

Captain Sandy Francis of the Cambridge Fire Dept. opened Serene
Chocolate at 1105 Mass. Ave. His store is a half flight down from the
street and sells a great collection of domestic and imported
chocolates. He also sells Toscanini's ice creams.