Sunday, December 10, 2006


Every Sa & Su morning. 10:00AM to 2:00PM.

Thalia did not remain in Vermont after Thanksgiving and has returned to
Central Square, where the air is cleaner and the livestock exist
without subsidies. The menu has been tweaked but the lemon curd
remains, as does the Cruncy Monsieur sandwich.

From the kitchen: we cook everything to order so we ask for your
Gingerbread pancakes with poached pears, caramel sauce and
marscapone whipped cream 7.75
Creamy Egg Sandwich on toasted ciabatta 5.25
Fried Egg Sandwich with rouille (spicy mayonaisse) 5.25
Coffee French Toast with a little vanilla ice cream and espresso syrup
International House of Brioche Toast with lemon curd 3.
Brioche French Toast with whipped butter and Vermont syrup 4.95
Crunchy Monsieur ham and cheese sandwich 7.25
Side o' Applewood bacon 3.75

From the LittleTable, please pay at the cash register after serving
Cup of Fruit salad 5.75
Thalia's Yogurt with honey 1.95 (3.25 with granola)
Hard-boiled egg .50
Petsi Pies muffin and scones 2. and 2.75
Iggy's croissant 1.50
Iggy's chocolate croissant or almond croissant 2.75
California Clementine 1.
Orange Juice 1.75
Orange Limoncello Granita 3.75
French Press coffees from Batdorf & Bronson and George Howell 3.75
Chai Cofffee with Indian Herbs
Pot of MEM tea 2.25

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