Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Mike Krodel has left the building, sort of.

After nine years we closed our Harvard Square store on Sunday, De 17.
Harvard Real Estate is renovating the building. The project may take
six months and it may take longer than that. We hope to return, to
that location if possible. The wonderful neon sculpture by A&M Sina
has returned to their studio in Brookline. Stereo whiz Kevin Brown has
retrieved his customized sound system and Adam Simha's handsome blue
chairs are now at 899 Main Street in Central Square. In the meantime
Mike Krodel, the red-headed, dread-locked barista of love has also
migrated down the street to our first store at 899 Main St.

The Harvard Square store got an effusive review from The Unofficial
Guide to Life at Harvard.
"Hands down the best coffee in the Square --the ice cream is a closer
fight. Bailey's Irish Cream, Gingersnap Molasses, Fresh Mint, Burnt
Caramel, Vienna Finger Cookie and Cake Batter are just a smattering of
the many enticing choices on the rotating menu. One small scoop is
slightly pricey at $3.25, so it's better to share a pint ($5.25) with
your roomies. And though the prices have gone up, the cups have grown
larger, and their java (small $1.75) is still a status symbol
recognized in any English section. Mike (with the red dreads) makes
the best lattes."