Monday, January 8, 2007

...and Yaphet Kotto as Q Riley

The Globe and Da Heral' both reported an arrest made by Boston's new
police commissioner, and his driver. The both reported without comment
that the driver was named Q Riley. Where does this come from? Are
there other cops with wonderful new names? In France the government
approves the names of all children so you don't have any Moon Unit
Leotard's. Or is Riley the first Burmese cop in a city once dominated
by the Irish? Curious minds want to know.

"For example, minutes after a 20-year-old Hyde Park man was fatally
shot Sunday near South Station, Davis was leaving the scene when he and
his driver spotted the Mercedes for which police had just broadcast an
alert. His driver, Q Riley, blocked the car and detained the driver
until officers arrived. Davis yesterday confirmed the incident, saying
he acted as Riley's backup."