Friday, January 5, 2007

Its Not Free

Its not free. It costs $8. And its part of The Film Series With the
Strangest Name: Swiss Films with Rhythm. Accordion Tribe is playing
at the MFA on Th Ja 11 at 815PM. I saw it last year. The musicians
are charming obsessives. If you have traveled through Europe and been
amused by the persistence of the accordion this is the film for you.
Both the music and the cinematography are excellent.

Accordion Tribe by Stefan Schwietert (2004, 87 min.). Slovenian
American accordionist Guy Klusevic had a dream: to gather a group of
accordion greats—Maria Kalaniemi from Finland, Sweden's mad scientist
Lars Holmer, fellow Slovenian Bratco Babic, and the elfin Austrian Otto
Lechner— and make music together. Follow this unlikely quintet, the
Accordion Tribe, on tour through picturesque European
countrysides—practicing, performing, and attempting to return their
instrument to worldwide recognition as a powerhouse of emotions. In
English and German with English subtitles. This series is made
possible with assistance from Pro Helvetia–Swiss Arts Council, Swiss
Roots–Cultural Offshoots, and co-presented by the Consulate of
Switzerland, Boston.