Tuesday, January 2, 2007

College Basketball

There is an argument made during beer commercials that college
basketball is better than professional basketball because the games
mean more to the college players. Professional basketball players may
be more talented but they know they're going to be paid whatever
happens; they play too many games and the travel schedule is

This is similar to my feelings about student concerts at the New
England Conservatory, Boston's Division 1 Music Power. The concerts
are free and NEC's Jordan Hall is a beautiful surprise that is one
block from Symphony Hall. A stairway takes you abruptly up from the
sidewalk, into a small lobby, another foyer and then into one of
Boston's best secret spaces. Jordan Hall looks like a concert hall in
the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the audience is casual but very
involved with the music.

On Su Ja 21 Karen Gomyo will play at 8PM. Her fall concert was
altogether amazing, ending with tango music written by Astor Piazzola.
This is free and that is the final charm of Jordan Hall. Maybe you'd
hesitate to spend $20 to $50 for an unfamiliar event but to see someone
like Karen Gomyo for free is why you live in the city.