Saturday, January 6, 2007

Jen Deaderick has always had her opinions. A few of them can be found
at her blog, "Brookline is My Baby" at the above url.

for Gus...

A list of my favorite movie endings (that I can think of at this late

Broadcast News: How many romance movies end with neither guy getting
the girl and everyone being kind of okay with it. It's a great
illustration of what it's like to look back in a crazy period of time
in a life. Excellent! And it doesn't come off as smarmy or
self-important. Because James L. Brooks is fabulous. (Mary Tyler Moore
Show: another great ending)

The Graduate: An obvious choice, but still great. I guess I like
ambiguous endings to romances. The more I see that movie the more I
identify with Mrs. Robinson (I'm a year older than she was supposed to
be in the movie!). In the end, on the bus, the kids start to realize
what she already knows: life just goes on. There's all this excitement
sometimes, but then it just keeps going. Until, of course, it doesn't. 

40 Year Old Virgin: I'm not going to give it away, but it's great

Okay, Gus, see, this is why I don't do these things. I'm already in the
realm of local paper puff piece, or one of those annoying Salon
articles. I type this stuff out, and it just seems too obvious. 

Classic play ending: Hedda Gabler. Just see the thing. Really. Or read
it, at least. It's a stylized ending, but that doesn't make it any less

Wouldn't this been more fun to talk about over some cool tea at the Big
Table? Why do I have to be another person with an opinion on line?
Okay, I'll keep going.

It Happened One Night has a great, satisfying, well-crafted ending. The
whole damn thing is so well written and well made that I don't know why
anyone thought another movie ever had to be made. But, again, life goes

Of course, Some Like It Hot has a great ending, but who doesn't know

I love the end of Mary Poppins. Let's go fly a kite! And why not???

The Apartment has a pretty good ending. Or is it a little cutesy? I'm
not sure. It's feels like a bit of a bow to propriety, or to the need
for a happy ending. But it still has a little of the ambiguity that I
like. And, come on, it's Shirley MacLaine and Jack Lemmon. It does have
a really great, classic beginning, that movie. But that's another blog

Okay, I've done my bit. I'm going to bed. To hell with the lot of you!